We have used urine-based testing for many years, why should we change our test method now?

There are two main issues with current urine-based marijuana drug tests – adulteration and the length of detection time in comparison to the window of impairment.

Adulteration refers to an individual cheating on a urine test.  According to the Quest Drug Testing Index report, there was a 633% increase in cheating on urine tests last year. Another survey showed that 82% of drug testing experts said that they know people adulterate urine tests by either purchasing fake urine or using a clean sample from someone else to pass the test.

Marijuana urine tests detect metabolites in urine from a few days up to 30 days for marijuana. A comprehensive review of all impairment studies from Neuroscience & Behavioral Reviews suggests that cannabis impairment can last 3 to 10 hours, making urine-based testing ineffective and potentially unfair (19).

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