Ricovr Healthcare Selected for NYC Top 50 List of Startups


New York VC Network has compiled its first public NYC Top 50 list of companies that are raising their Seed/Series A right now. We’d also like to thank Columbia Business School and Columbia Access Fund for their support and helping to spread the application. Traditionally, this list has been shared only with the VCs and accelerators in our network to connect prominent investors with outstanding founders. Due to the request from our founder base for a shareable press release or a social media post, we’ll start publishing the top companies here on our site (and on Twitter).

Our Rating Committee consists of current and former VCs, angel investors, exited entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 employees in M&A roles. We’ve rated the companies primarily based on team, traction, and scalability. We didn’t focus on raised capital but to give you an idea of this cohort, a Top 50 company had already raised $1.5M on average, compared to $0.8M in the Top 100. A more detailed list, including the contact information, is only available for professional investors here.

Please note that we do this just for good startup karma so the selection process and the VC matching services are all completely free, and we won’t solicit you for any other services either. The same applies to the companies’ position on the list. To that end, without further ado, here are our most recent top companies divided into three tiers (Top 10/20/50):

The Top 10 (in alphabetical order):

Abode (B2C PropTech) has created a hospitality experience that resonates with guests by merging the best attributes of home-sharing and hotels.

Anchor Health (HealthTech Marketplace) is a full-stack conversational AI platform that champions individuals in navigating health care and creates tangible value for employers and health organizations.

Axle (B2B Fintech) is a working capital management platform for small to medium-sized freight brokers. We provide them with affordable working capital, automate their back-office work, and make it easy for them to provide their carriers QuickPay.

Bulldog DM (B2B Media Tech) is a turnkey, fully managed, live stream solution for brands, agencies, content owners, and platforms. We are the first call blue-chip companies make for live streaming including Apple, Sony Music, Spotify, Procter & Gamble, and many more.

Equity Shift (B2B Fintech) is software for private companies, their investors, and trusted third-parties. ES unlocks the full potential of private securities by automating the end-to-end transfer process for a wide range of primary and secondary transaction types.

Graphite (B2B Marketplace) is a platform for on-demand remote work. We connect Fortune 1000 companies with independent consultants to get more done faster. Our technology-driven model is a faster and more flexible alternative to traditional consulting.

Intelligent City (B2B PropTech)– We Build a Better Future – The housing industry has been unable to innovate while we face a global housing crisis and climate change. Intelligent City provides breakthrough turn-key urban housing to developers, landowners, and housing operators.

MedTrans Go (B2B SaaS HealthTech) solves the problem of medical appointment cancellations with our tech-enabled portal where healthcare providers can schedule transportation, interpretation, telemedicine, and Rx delivery services for patients on one integrated platform.

newtrul (B2B Marketplace) is a shipment aggregation platform that provides carriers an easier way to search for their next job. We do this by providing a free search engine to users that allows them to easily search, find, and digitally book their customer’s freight.

Sukhi (B2B SaaS HealthTech) is a venture dedicated to improving employee wellness and corporate mindfulness remotely, through an app that provides culturally sensitive mindfulness workshops, therapy/ coaching, and emotional wellness gamification.

The Top 20 (in alphabetical order):

Fluidda (B2B HealthTech) developed Functional Respiratory Imaging, a highly scalable SaaS and first-in-class technology that significantly improves care for lung diseased patients, including COVID19, through better diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment selection.

Gooroo (EdTech Marketplace) is a subscription-based educational technology company that provides exceptional on-demand courses and personalized tutor matching.

GraphiteRx (B2B Pharma Marketplace) makes direct pharmacy procurement and distribution easy and transforms how pharmacies and suppliers do business, together.

HomeLLC Inc. (B2C Fintech) provides down payment assistance for homebuyers so they can achieve their American dream without taking on additional debt

Influ2 (Enterprise AdTech) makes B2B advertising truly effective. Influ2 targets ads to specific people on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google, and answers the question of who have actually seen your ads and who clicked on them – by name, literally

Nabta Health (B2B2C HealthTech) empowers women to manage their health with privacy, autonomy, and convenience using a new model of hybrid healthcare. Initially, we are focused on helping women to identify and manage reversible causes of infertility.

Sailo (Marketplace) connects people who want to rent boats with boat owners globally. We started operations in 2015 and we now have 25,000 boats in over 1,000 locations worldwide, and we are growing 2X year over year.

Seven Seas Music (B2B Media Marketplace) is a respected international music content company that services all the major film and TV studios as well as brand and tech companies. The company monetizes independent artists’ music via licensing.

Skyward (Real Estate Tech) is a technology company focused on creating a seamless renting experience for both the agent and consumer. We are building software and apps that further enhance an agent’s productivity and ultimately automate the showing process.

SuiteTooth (HealthTech Marketplace) delivers preventative dental care to the patient both at-home and in-office. The company has combined hardware and software technology to create mobile dental units delivering the most convenient care.

TeleTails (PetCare Marketplace) is a digital care platform that extends trusted relationships between veterinarians & pet owners beyond the walls of a clinic. We provide vet teams with tools to offer digital consultations, curbside care, and data integration.

unlu (Entertainment Marketplace) directly connects millions of common people with extraordinary personalities through personalized video shoutout, video call, masterclass, live events, etc.

Vasocure (Pharma/Biotech) is a clinical-stage vascular therapeutics company with the world’s first peptide to directly treat neointimal disease and atherosclerosis.

Virtual i Technologies (B2B InsurTech) enables the insurance industry to evolve to data-based dynamic decision making. With our scientific risk scoring VirtualRiskSpace™ clients can highlight more risks during the underwriting process. Thus the probability to pick up a bad risk is reduced.

The Top 50+ (in alphabetical order):

Ad Auris (B2B SaaS) is a narration tool for publishers, using text-to-speech we make content more accessible by allowing readers to easily switch to audio. Our synthetic spoken word enables publications to drive engagement, and thus subscription revenue.

Aether (E-Commerce/ClimateTech) transforms harmful CO2 from the atmosphere into diamonds.

Anarky Labs (B2B Robotics) boosts industrial operations with AR, accelerating & improving business processes. Not just a drone company, but helping robot operators everywhere!

Argos & Artemis (Pet DTC) is the world’s first lifestyle platform for dog people which publishes a popular newsletter and blog. The first product line is bringing beauty innovation to the unregulated pet grooming industry for the first time.

Athleta-Ed (EdTech) is a consumer ed-tech company that partners with business schools to create its business through the lens of sports curriculum. Launched the first accredited online undergraduate course by a top-20 ranked business school (UCLA Anderson) in 2018.

Axle Health (B2B2C HealthTech) provides the in-person infrastructure layer for telehealth companies. Telehealth providers call the Axle API, and Axle dispatches a health professional to the patient’s home to administer services on the provider’s behalf.

Binit Inc. (Enterprise SaaS) helps waste management companies become more profitable by delivering a vision-based software platform that provides data analytics on stream composition, pricing, segregation accuracy, and operational efficiency.

Bond (HealthTech Marketplace) is the Zapier for dental healthcare

BrainCeek (Future of Work Marketplace) provides work simulations where students can experience jobs virtually in 30 minutes. Through the simulations, we allow corporations to generate awareness + interest for different roles while funneling top candidates through data collected.

Brandstrive (B2B SaaS) offers professional web design to small businesses at an affordable price. We are building software to now offer this service en masse – the first in the industry.

ClearRoad (GovTech/B2B) empowers governments with digital tools to manage, maintain, and fund 21st-Century mobility. Leveraging in-vehicle data, the Road Pricing Platform enables next generation Congestion Pricing, Road Usage Charging, and Tolling solutions.

Commisssary Club (Marketplace) is the first social network for people with records–70 million Americans x 3 globally have records. Plus resources for population: employment, housing, education, finance, etc.

echoAR (B2B SaaS) is a Techstars-backed cloud platform for augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) that provides tools and server-side infrastructure to help developers & companies quickly build and deploy 3D apps and content.

GEMMAQ (B2B SaaS) is building a gender diversity rating system that rates companies based on the gender balance among leadership, and uniquely visualizes gender representation in executive management+board to show the real impact women have on global markets.

Glanris (Cleantech) manufactures a patented, sustainable, hybrid filtration media that removes organic material from the water like activated carbon does and also removes metals like ion exchange resins do, but at a fraction of the price.

goodstead (B2B2C Fintech) has developed A mobile-first roboadvisor that makes saving time-, risk-, fee- and tax-efficient for regular folks. We’re a mutual company, owned by our members; we look to rebate a portion of profits to lower fees with the goal of making advisory free to our members.

Huddle (B2B2C Platform) provides small group video calls led by brands & influencers. Think modern-day tupperware party.

InPipe Energy (Green Infrastructure) is a renewable energy company. We have developed a patent-pending product that converts water to electricity in pipelines. Our solution creates a new, low-cost source of energy, eliminates carbon, and extends the life of infrastructure.

inSearchX (AdTech Platform) is an open dialog advertising platform that provides an automated AI inventory search with a dialog platform (similar to Slack) for consumers to connect and active product remotely with automotive merchants. Think of Slack as Adtech

instaHop (B2C Marketplace) is the first real-time Tour & Experience service for Travelers (i.e. “Uber for Travelers”). They provide the best matching experience, nearest matching host, and private transportation, all instantly! 2-min demo (YouTube).

Kisi (B2B SaaS) is for companies looking to modernize their approach to physical security, Kisi offers simplicity and security as a service

The Kleeen Software (B2B SaaS/Fintech) automates the design, development, and maintenance of data-intensive application UI and front-end code with UX best practices.

Kunik (B2B SaaS) fills the void in caregiver support. We provide peer connection and vetted expert guidance for caregivers, managers, and firms. By integrating support, Kunik enables our partners to build empathetic, inclusive, and successful workplaces.

Lagoon (B2B Fintech) closes the gap between small and large asset managers by providing powerful no-code data analytics based on alternative data to enrich investment professionals’ data analytics. We provide the benefits of data-science without data-scientists.

Lessonbee (EdTech/Healthtech) provides culturally responsive online health education via an adaptive learning platform that empowers learners to build health knowledge, skills, and values for healthy living.

Lucia (B2B SaaS HealthTech) has created a machine learning-based clinical decision support tool to improve the efficiency and efficacy of atrial fibrillation (AFib) management at the point of care.

Multipliciti (B2B Marketplace) connects building project teams with the right material suppliers to speed up project delivery, and we help material salespeople build strong customer relationships and sell better.

n*gram (B2B SaaS HealthTech) builds augmented reality digital therapies for high-risk seniors that draw on proven approaches such as music therapy. Experiences are accessible on any mobile device and are delivered through partnerships with senior care organizations.

Panion (B2B2C Platform) is an all-in-one community management platform helping community managers grow, engage, and monetize their online communities, with a focus on building privacy, empathy, and meaningful connection into online spaces.

Pilotbird (B2B Fintech) empowers carriers with innovative analytics leveraging social data for customer acquisition, risk scoring, and claims verification with an internal application for on-demand medical deductibles cover Kiwi.

Plerk (B2B Fintech) is a virtual card with the benefits to pay for flexible perks for local and remote teams worldwide. We help companies to give local and remote employees flexible benefits and perks, no matter geography.

PocketPatientMD (HealthTech Marketplace) is an electronic medical record platform that is interoperable, customizable in multiple languages, and no-cost for users streamlining access to care for patients and providers; and creating a more efficient healthcare ecosystem for all stakeholders

Power Poll (Media Tech Marketplace) aggregates names and emails of prominent, influential citizens in 26 U.S. cities. We survey these “Power Poll members” once a month and then send the surveys back to them. Response rates are 30%. We have engaged America’s leaders. Goal: 300 cities.

Pressed Roots (Consumer Services) is the first brand and chain of hair salons focused on the specific needs of women with highly-textured hair. Think, “Drybar” for women with ethnic hair. Our method ensures guests are out of the salon in 90 minutes, 80% faster than current options.

ProFlow (B2B SaaS) helps people become great managers. We provide a manager toolkit, easy access to experts a community to support them.

Quantime (Future of Work) is the world’s first self-scheduling calendar that manages time intelligently for modern professionals and teams.

Radius (Marketplace) is the next generation of location discovery, on a mission is to help neighborhoods bounce back. With AI-driven recommendations, Radius connects people to places around them. Our DTC platform lets local businesses show what makes them special.

Reconcile (B2C Fintech) has developed a financial voice app that tracks and manages refunds for consumers. Their vision is to be the middleware between users and their financial stack so that people can just say something like “help with X” or “do Y for me” and we get the job done.

REDIST (B2B Fintech) is a platform making it easy to find and use incentives for commercial real estate professionals to save time and money on their deals.

RICOVR Healthcare (B2B Healthtech) is an Ultra-sensitive Point-of-Care rapid diagnostics platform. Existing POC technologies lack accuracy. We have developed a highly sensitive non-invasive platform that uses saliva to test for THC and COVID antigens and provide quantified results in 5 mins.

ScribeLink (B2B Healthtech) is a Point of care telecommunications to improve patient care and reduce physician burnout.

Sense of Space (B2B AdTech) is a startup building tools to empower the creation of next-to-reality Hologram experiences. Creators of Sense XR Studio: the volumetric video content creation tool for AR, VR, and the Web – developed by creatives, for creatives.

Sentio (B2B2C Healthtech) develops digital therapeutics & biomarkers for mental health. Sentio’s Feel & Feel Relief Programs are the only data-driven tailored mental health solutions that combine emotion detection tech with 24/7 personalized interventions & telehealth.

SilverBills (B2C Fintech/Agetech) receives, scrutinizes, stores, and pays bills on behalf of clients using proprietary software. SilverBills combines software plus service to provide product-market fit, generally to older adults. SilverBills is scaling nationally.

Sydney (B2C E-Commerce) is an e-commerce fashion retailer for plus-size lingerie. Our mission is to change the way plus-size women shop for lingerie. Our ambition is to build the Zara of plus-size fashion. (B2B Healthtech) provides >95% Automation & 10X Speedup in Building Medical AI – Radiology, Pathology, Ophthalmology, Ultrasound, Colonoscopy

Vader Nanotechnologies (Biotech/Informatics) uses computer vision to screen for bacteria that eat plastic, PFAS, and other environmental contaminants. We use automation and bioinformatics to identify the enzymes responsible for this degradation.

Vermeer (B2B SaaS) is an AR + AI Intelligent surveillance platform.

Virtual Film School, Inc. (B2C EdTech) provides Higher Education for the Next Generation. Most schooling is virtual now, we’re virtual + Virtual Reality! Starting in film & video, then English as a second language, the arts, architecture, etc. Launched B2B in the US, EU & Asia. Next: B2C in US & UK.

WhiteRock AI (B2B SaaS) has built an AI-enabled technology that generates ready-to-use financial analytics for residential investment properties. It utilizes more than 100 traditional and alternative data sets to make financial predictions on these properties.

Zencape (B2C Healthtech) is a wearable that helps women manage period pain. The wearable is a waistband that delivers far-infrared heat therapy at the time of pain and connects to an app that delivers pain coaching content, such as breathing exercises or dietary tips

A more detailed list with the contact information is only available for accredited investors here.

For feedback, corrections, and media inquiries, please contact Roope Marttila at roope.marttila (at)



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