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Xaliva PE*

Did you know that maternal health, specifically Pre-Eclampsia, remains a serious issue, affecting up to 8% of pregnancies?

That is 292,743 babies!  

Our team is currently expanding applications for the XALIVA device platform to read new biomarkers such as Placental Growth Factor (PIGF).  

XALIVA rapid diagnostics handheld solution
*Disclaimer: Xaliva PE is not commercially available and still in R&D.

Improving through innovation

Healthcare systems and providers, especially in rural areas  need accurate, sensitive, affordable tools, for maternal health that can be easily performed at home or in local clinics. 

A totally new way to rapid-results testing allows for easy-to-use,  accurate saliva-based testing.

Ricovr Healthcare Xaliva THC Device


The lack of objective and affordable testing technology for predicting and diagnosing gestational hypertension and pre-eclampsia plays at least some part in this continued health crisis.

The current standard of care for predicting and diagnosing pre-eclampsia relies on biometrics, which are prone to bias and lack clinical accuracy.

In recent years, new biomarkers, such as the Placental Growth Factor (PlGF), have been identified and proven to have strong diagnostic potential for predicting and detecting pre-eclampsia. 

Currently, there is no tool to screen and measure PlGF at the point-of-care.  We plan to change this!

Ricovr Healthcare is developing an objective and affordable tool for detecting, predicting, and monitoring pre-eclampsia in clinical settings that treat underserved populations.

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